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NAN FONGInternationally recognized mould manufacturer

Established in 1981, Nan Fong mold Co., Ltd. is an internationally recognized manufacturer of plastic injection mould. Over the years, the concept behind Nan Fong was simple that to design and manufacture high precision mould to help our customers in producing high quality products and shorten molding time. Based on over 30 years of precision mould manufacturing experiences combined with constant upgrading of technological level, Nan Fong has been sold countless moulds to many countries around the world. Each mould from Nan Fong is fully recognized by customer. Looking to future, we will always keep moving to stay competitive in the worldwide market.

Customized design capabilities

Customized design capabilitiesAdvanced software creates optimized design

All designers of Nan Fong have undergone complete professional training, so we understand the unique production needs of customers and do the best communication with them. Therefore, the designed mold can definitely meet customer expectations in terms of performance and quality.


CraftsmanshipFull range of precision processing equipment

In order to achieve high precision and excellent surface fineness of the mold, it is necessary to rely on precision processing equipment and high professional technician. Therefore, the processing department of Nan Fong is equipped with various advanced processing equipment. Up to 90% moulds of Nan Fong are processing self-made in the factory.

"Application of moulds from Nan Fong are: Designed pattern sofa set, indoor/outdoor furniture, gardening parts, leisure products…"