Our Advantage

1. Product development and design

Product feasibility assessment

Assist customers in product design

2. Mold design

Provide mold flow analysis report to optimize product flow

Optimized mold cooling and venting design, make mold temperature uniform, low injection pressure to extend mold life

Constantly improve our mold structure design to shorten production cycle time



3. Mold manufacture

One-stop mold processing services to increase processing flexibility and efficiency

Workpiece machine measurement to ensure the machining accuracy is one of the important factors in achieving high mold quality

Craftsmanship, manual polishing

4. Mold shipment

Provide complete mold information and manufacture data

Production line can be operated immediately once receive the mould

1. Cooling manifold ( IN/OUT distinct )

2. Mould drawing of cooling line

3. Sequence diagram of Mould open/close

4. Pre-connect limit switch according to customer’s factory standard

5. Pre-connect hot runner system according to customer’s factory standard

6. Provide complete mold assembly and disassembly diagram

7. Provide complete production data

5. Mold management

Provide complete mold manufacture history, customers can understand mold status immediately